Most Recent Release Info!

It's been only a few months since the last release and we've added a load of new features to our FMEA software, Control Plan Software, Process Flow Software, and APQP Software which are all included in the Assistant Studio™!

Improved Action Tracking

As of the previous release (27 April 2009), each member is able to track his/her own FMEA Recommended Actions, Pinboard Reminders, and Project Milestone Actions all on the same report. This feature includes "smart" filters which analyzes FMEA document data and automatically filters based on content!

Advanced Risk (RPN) Reporting for FMEA Documents!

Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) for all FMEA documents may be ordered, filtered, and highlighted based on a number of criteria including personal threshold settings! Of course, the reports are then able to be exported directly to Microsoft® Excel® and Adobe Acrobat® Reader with just 1 click of the mouse button!

Enhanced Document Linking and Building Options!

Use your time more efficiently by quickly building one document from another! For example, the Control Plan and pFMEA may quickly be created from the Process Flow!

Faster, Customized Library Queries!

We've updated the algorithms used in our FMEA software, Control Plan Software, and Process Flow Software to optimize search times and application speed -- enabling VERY fast updating of libraries and documents!

AIAG FMEA 4th Edition Compliance!

To support AIAG's FMEA 4th Edition manual, our FMEA software has been updated to include splitting the Item/Process and Function fields and also to allow for the Requirements field to be used, as well!