QA Assistant Starts RSS Communications!

Assistant Studio™ improves the effectiveness and efficiency of our customers' FMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow, and other APQP documents. So shouldn't our communications to our customers be just as effective and efficient? Well, now they are! QA Assistant™ has started RSS Feeds!

Local vs Hosted FMEA Software

What is RSS?

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") is a free and easy way of having the latest news and information at your fingertips without having to go out and look for it! One way of thinking of RSS Feeds is as a way of compiling a personalized electronic newspaper. Simply select the types of information which interest you and have that information automatically sent to you when an update or new article is written.

Why Should I Subscribe?

Subscribing to the QA Assistant News RSS feeds will enable you to keep up to date with our latest updates, news, and achievements. By subscribing to our feeds, you'll be amoung the first to learn about new products and promotions, too!

There are no emails or spam with RSS! You don't even need give any personal information! Simply click to subscribe to our RSS feed and then view your customized news feed in a "reader" of your choice (such as Google Reader or My YAHOO!) or even just in your internet browser!

RSS is much better than any newsletter or e-magazine because it links the articles directly to the appropriate page on the website for more information and since it's not an email, doesn't effect your email's inbox.

How do I subscribe?

We've made it easy to subscribe to our RSS feed. Simply use the RSS button in your web browser or click here: . If you have a preferred RSS Reader, you may copy the following link into your RSS reader:

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