QA Assistant Initiates APQP Focus Groups

Today QA Assistant unveiled a new initiative aimed at resolving challenges in the industry when it announced it will lead focus groups aimed at reducing cost and improving quality. These focus groups will be a great opportunity for Quality Managers and Engineers to discuss current issues and benchmark best practices for meeting the needs of their customers.

The focus groups will be an interactive forum where suppliers in similar industries may discuss common issues (i.e. Managing Customer Requests, Risk Management, and Process Improvement) and leverage off the group's experience for solutions and opportunities for improvement.

FMEA software, Control Plan Software, APQP Software focus groups now offered

"We hope to pioneer the first meetings in the Autumn of 2009 in Ireland and the UK in early 2010," said QA Assistant Customer Liaison, Neil McCabe. "Our intent is to provide small to medium group settings to encourage participation and provide real opportunities for resolutions and improvements."
QA Assistant is currently investigating potential areas of interest for discussion at the first meetings. Based on feedback, QA Assistant may invite guest speakers to speak on hot topics, as well. If you would like to attend a focus group meeting, please contact us for more information.

Since we will not be promoting our products as part of the scheduled agenda at these meetings, if you would like information about our products or to avail of a free trial license for our software which facilitates APQP documentation (such as dFMEA, pFMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow, PSW, and more), please click on the button below.

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