Some Features for Next Release Announced!

Next Release Announced!
[Published: 09 July 2009]

QA Assistant today announced some of the updates and new features to the FMEA software and Control Plan software ahead of the new Assistant Studio™ release scheduled for September 2009!

FMEA Software & Control Plan Software Updates

FMEA software, Control Plan Software, APQP Software now offered!

Our fastest version of FMEA software and Control Plan software will be included in the next release! Add entries to your FMEA and Control Plan faster than ever before! The new code we've developed updates the document and saves the changes automatically in as little as 30 milliseconds!

The new code not only makes the document itself easier and faster to update, but it also frees up our server, enabling even faster processing speeds!

Additional customization settings and export options are featured in the coming release, as well -- enabling more control over the information you want to view and export!

Other Exciting Updates

One of the new features we are very excited about is the ability to access the Assistant Studio™ APQP Software Suite with your favorite web browser - including the new Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 3, and Google's Chrome 2!

Reference files, such as drawings and test results, will also be able to be documented with FMEA, Control Plan, and Process Flow documents. This will enable your team to quickly identify external documents which apply to documents created in the Assistant Studio™ APQP Software Suite.

FMEA, Control Plan, and Process Flow document options have been updated to include additional customizing functionality to ensure your documents are exactly the way you'd prefer.