An Insiders Look at Assistant Studio!

With the new Assistant Studio™ revision just around the corner, let's take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes activity aimed at improving our popular FMEA , Control Plan , Process Flow , and APQP software!

Who influences our development process?

Our customers are the key stakeholders in our software. Since we first developed our FMEA software, the end user's experience has been the focus of our efforts. We aim to provide our customers with the tools they need to create valuable FMEA , Control Plan, and Process Flow documents. Customer feedback is the center of our attention when we discuss our products' roadmap.

We also actively use our own software! As part of our ISO/IEC 27001 compliance, we maintain FMEA documents for our software and business. What better software to use to maintain this information than our own! It's this continued use of our products which have led to some of the innovative features included in the software today!

Our developers also work closely with the industry's leading consultants to ensure our software is up to date with the most current trends and best practices.

What can we expect in the new revision?

FMEA software, Control Plan Software, APQP Software now offered!

There are many new features and improvements to be excited about!

We have completely overhauled the user interface - implementing a completely new, very fast algorithm for our FMEA software, Control Plan software, and Process Flow software! The new revision is also accessible using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and is very fast in Google's Chrome! The visual display and export documents has also been enhanced!

An article next month will provide more detail about the benefits, features and improvements of the new release. In the meantime, this article outlines some of these new benefits we can look forward to.

Where & How?

QA Assistant APQP Software Structure!

One of the best features about our software is that it may be accessed from any location using a popular web brower and an internet connection! Here's how it works...

Our software works a lot like internet banking software in that users may log on to our APQP software application using their favorite internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc). The software actually runs on the server -- meaning, at most, you'll only need one installation, all of your company's data is stored in a safe location, and you may securely access that data and use the software from nearly any computer!

With our GlobalNetwork Edition software solution, you wouldn't even need the server! Just log on and off you go!

When can we start benefitting from the new release?

The new release will be available to our customers next month! All of the new features will be installed automatically and at no additional charge for our GlobalNetwork Edition members.

If you're not already an Assistant Studio™ member, you may start benefitting from all of our current software tools today by clicking on the button below and requesting a free evaluation license!