New Release Now Live!

The new Assistant Studio™ release is here! In this article, we'll explore some of the new benefits our popular FMEA , Control Plan , Process Flow , and APQP software brings!

Time-Saving Benefits

QA Assistant APQP Time-Saving Benefits

Support for Internet Explorer, FireFox, & Google's Chrome means there's no need to install special software on each computer; Adding new licenses is easy; And you benefit by having your documents safely stored with the APQP tools in the same place while being accessible from virtually any computer!

While it may take more than 70 clicks to properly format an FMEA document's new row in a spreadsheet software package, our QA Assistant Studio™ automatically and correctly formats the row in as little as 1 click! We've developed our code to be extremely efficient, enabling you to update and save documents in as little as 34 milliseconds regardless of your network speed! Now that's fast!

Document Synchronization enables your team to synchronize documents so making a change in one document automatically alerts the team in related documents about that change (i.e. adding a new process step in a Process Flow creates a notice in the related FMEA and Control Plan). Of course, documents may still be linked to products as well!

Project planning enhancements including internal document/project "sharing" which enables you to quickly share information about products, projects, and documents with your colleagues and supply chain.

Money-Saving Tools

Advanced Document Search Options enables you to search for data in particular fields across all documents! Quickly display a list of documents which contain a particular process step or control characteristic, for example!

Multi-lingual, web-based interface means QA Assistant Studio™ is the only system needed for your whole organization! Either install the software once or use our GlobalNetwork Edition software to centrally store your documents while users are able to access the tools in their native language or dialect!

Our GlobalNetwork Edition software updates with the newest features and tools automatically and with no added cost!

Our price is guaranteed! We guarantee that our software is the best value on the market and we're willing to prove it! See the article here for details!

Overall Improvements

FMEA software, Control Plan Software, APQP Software improvements

External Documents may now be referenced and included in document reports.

Administrators now have the ability to re-activate members who may have accidentally locked him/herself out of the software. Other new company settings and individual user preferences provide a higher degree of cusomization and security for your company's documents. New document options have also been included to customize the appearance of documents when exported to Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® PDF.

The Custom Risk Table templates have been updated to facilitate templates to meet your company/Industry needs.

We have also improved the look and feel of the software's interface to provide the best experience for our customers.

Start benefitting from the software today!

If you are already one of our GlobalNetwork Edition customers, the new version has already been installed. All you need to do is log in!

If you're not already an Assistant Studio™ member, you may start benefitting from all of our current software tools today by clicking on the button below and requesting a free evaluation license!